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Nowadays our list of clients is far-ranging – from the creative directors of ad agencies to the HR departments of public sector organisations to the managers of recording studios.

The way we treat you forms one of the keystones of our success. We have a few simple rules and we stick to them:

  • We agree terms of business up-front, which avoids any misunderstanding or friction later on
  • We will always visit your premises, to get a feel for your company as a working environment
  • Before we start work, we ask a lot of questions. It can save time and trouble later
  • We NEVER propose a candidate whom we don’t believe is up to the job
  • We meet all our candidates before you do, and check their visas, passports and references
  • Before you meet them, we test all our support role candidates on Microsoft Office
  • We’ll send you three CVs initially – then listen to your feedback before we send more
  • We always ask for detailed feedback from our candidates after their interviews and we greatly appreciate the same from our clients
  • You can get hold of us outside normal hours if you need to – all Rose consultants carry Blackberries
  • To make sure that everything runs smoothly, please give us appropriate contact names within your company, and PO numbers if required
  • We like to think our style of service resembles that at a good restaurant: attentive but never intrusive!
  • Finally, do feel free ask us for advice on any aspect of recruitment. During our fourteen years in the business, we’ve pretty much seen it all!